How To Change Administrator In Windows 11? 5 Simple Ways

How To Change Administrator In Windows 11? 5 Simple Ways

May 3, 2022 | Windows | admin

Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the task. Press the Windows + R keys together to open the Run box. Type netplwiz and hit Enter. Right-click on This PC icon on your desktop and then select Manage.

Many times you must have felt like changing some setting, but due to permission, you are unable to do so. In such scenarios, if you could change yourself or any other person to administrator, then the work would be a lot easier. Next, click the Group Membership tab. Select the Standard user or Administrator account you’d like to change.

Change Admin Account With Standard Account

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  • Windows 10 includes different ways for you to change the administrator, which we’ll explain in this guide.
  • You can also use the Computer Management app.
  • You can press Windows + R keys on your keyboard to open the “Run” box.
  • Click the Windows icon at the bottom-left of your screen, or press the Windows logo on your keyboard.

Keep yourself updated with the latest technology and trends with TechPout. Tanmay is a technical writer from the field of mass communication. He aims to communicate the best of the technology to the readers through his write ups. If not writing you can find him with his camera capturing nature and exploring the unexplored world. Click on the user name and then properties to change the group. This is another method that is known to very little.

How To Change User Account Type Using Settings

Under the “User Accounts” section, click the Change account type option. download Intel(R) HD Graphics drivers In the User Properties window, click the Member Of tab. You can see the standard account is not a member of Administrators group, so you have to add it. Select the Administrator radio button and click the Change Account Type button. Now, the account should be an administrator.

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You can do that easily by following the steps that we have mentioned below. The super-administrator account is disabled by default in Windows 10 for security reasons. In the User Accounts window, highlight a user account you would like to change password for, and then click the Reset Password button. How to change the default Windows 10 password?